UNiIT 7: stereotyping feminists

Take a look at the screenshots I took from a conversation with a potential love interest a few days ago. Take a look, then try to breathe.


I'm hoping this made your blood boil just as much as mine, because I found it actually quite hard to contain myself. Ignoring the fact he said "your" as opposed to "you're', and clearly not the creme de la creme of education, this is the most singularly uneducated and ignorant opinion I have ever seen expressed. I'm not saying this is the view of society, and that the future of feminism is doomed, but if this is the opinion of just one teenage boy, imagine how many more share this opinion. I feel that the main issue in hand, is that he simply has no clue what he is talking about. Literally, zero. So let's start with "feminists are not nice people"...right. A slight sweeping statement? I'm also not sure exactly what stress feminists seem to cause him personally, I have the feeling he has neither met a feminist, read anything about a feminist, and definitely not listened to a feminist. Then we have the absolute killer stereotype of "they just challenge everything and always want to be right". It just seems unfair to me that a movement simply to create equality and liberate women can be written off so easily. What is it about feminism and feminists that seems to give off such negativity to the nation?

I feel we just have to ignore this ridiculous boy, with his ridiculous opinion, however, what we can take from this is that it is clear that there just just simply isn't enough information about feminism being spread. If we want a brighter future, the youth must be educated, and here, at least, it seems that there has been little to none. 

Showing my art school uni friends, they laughed in the face of 'Valerio', however, my private Girls School friends from home didn't think it was bad at all, which really did shock me. One friend said "Dunno I just find them annoying, because they try and say women are better than men." There seems to be an overwhelming misunderstanding that feminists refuse to accept that men are better at some things, that women rule the world, are men-haters, and it's just simply not true! It's so dissapointing to see my friends succumbing to these stereotypes, and being so misinformed, after our Girl's School constantly pushing us to challange opinions, and not accept them as fact.

In a sense, I do understand where they are coming from though, and I feel that it is the media reporting on these radical feminists, creating a bad name for the whole of feminism, but what people need to remember is that each and every feminist isn't the same. How could that possibly be? There are gay feminists, straight feminists, boring feminists, funny feminists, and it's sad to see that the media really does have the power to influence society in such a way. Feminism is not a political party, it is a movement to gain equality, and the reason women need that much more support is because, men have had more opportunities and respect since the dawn of time.



21 July 2017, 8:34 AM
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