UNIT 7: Considered video footage



Here I wanted to test using the audio from my interviews over found videos from youtube, initially thinking of maybe showing a 70's housewife, to create the link of how much feminism has changed society for women for the better, then have all these 2014 voices diminishing all feminisms hardwork as they bow to the stereotypes and don't hold the movement with the respect it deserves.

I also considered showing the suffragettes struggles as they campaign, hoping to find footage of them being beaten perhaps, but I could not find literal footage.

My favourite idea so far, after comparing all the footage is to use a housewife cooking and cleaning with my audio over the top to show how times have changed and that we should be grateful to feminism. 


The below video is my favourtite footage as there is no logo and there is a large expanse of the woman in the kitchen, it is perfect for my audio potentially, so I will test out using this. 


I have also considered using modern adverts objectfying women to show that changes still need to be made in current day, however, it is less relevant to actual feminism so potentially not usable. 



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