UNIT 7: Miss Representation documentary

- 10hrs average media consumption per day

- media is the message and messenger

- learn more from media than anything else, content shaping society, 24/7 impact

- girls from a young age told their value  and worth lies in how they look, and boys get the message that that's whats important in girls

- no matter what a woman's achievement, it still boils down to looks in media; politicians and powerful women trivialised by attacking their outfits/weight/prettyness

- 53% 13yr old years unhappy with body, increases to 78% by 17

- 65% women and girls have eating disorders

- rates of depression among girls and women doubled between 2000/2010

- perfection of women more impossible than ever before due to photoshop, men exposed to these images and judge real women on this, subconcious 

- advertising  biased to make you feel anxious

- media disempowers women, makes young girls concerntrate on their looks instead of education say

- women learn to see themselves as objects, self-objectification

- women make 51% of US populn, but only 17% of congress

- only 37 women served as goveners, compared to 2319 men

- US is 90th in world in terms of women in national legislation



- boys find their destiny (e.g. star trek), whereas girls just finding a guy

- only 16% of protagonists in films are female

- we have films that revolve around mens lives, then "chic flicks" which also revolve around men's lives, and the women desperately seeking a man

- many female leads in films who are powerful are always shown as bitchy, bossy, have sacrificed home life and their family to get to where they are, film aims to knock them down a peg or two

- even main role action women like lara croft are constantly objectified and exist for male viewers

- mjority of women seen on tv are in teens/20s/30s, makes it seem theres no life after 40, shouldnt make an appearance, past sell by date 

- reality tv shows women natural enemy of each other, bitchy, catty, manipulative, undermining each other constantly, untrustworthy

- women scrutanised far more than men e.g katie couric news anchor

- can't be too ugly politician, wont be taken seriously and will be mocked, also can't be sexy because will be objectified, not taken seriously



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