UNIT 7: The Newturn Conference

The Newturn Conference: Women in the 21st Century 

On Tuesday 18th February, I attended the feminist Newturn Conference: Women in the 21st Century and here are the main points taken from each debate.


Is fashion a feminist issue?

- fashion is one of the industries easiest for women to rise in

- clothes in the business world are essential to 'get right' and look professional as a women, so as to be taken seriously 

- lots of ways women can get it wrong because of so many options, men only have 1 option and so the only thing people see is their contribution, women stand out so are listened to less

- some designersh to research for using bigger models are; Mark Fast, Rick Owens, Anna Shoz CSM BA

- why should women have to blend into men, wearing a suit, so as to be listened to, we have different bodies, therefore different clothes are appropriate and shouldnt dictate as to whether our points are valid, clothes are a form of expression


Can Generation Y take women's rights forward?

- feminism is the recognition that there is an oppression of women, and a commitment to change

- every indidual to realise their potential 

- trouble with identifying with feminisim cause seen as vulnerable, also talks of "opression' which seems a bit of an exaggeration as there are many worlds situations in the world than 21st century western women

- censorship (specifically blurred lines) perhaps holding feminism back, making people think they take everything too seriously, puts more focus on the matter

- there is formal equality atm, but not womens liberation which is what the movement set out to achieve initially 

- it is important to remember feminism is not a political party, thats the good thing, we all have different opinions within feminism, freedom of speech

- interet allows more people to access feminism and investigate 

- feminism needs to try perhaps different approaches not just shouting, being loud, makes people stereotype,there are women who would like to contribute where that is not their style

- "just because you can't piss standing up, doesn't mean you can't be part of it"


What's next?

- girls schools

- feminism alienates young people by using long political words, make you seem like you're a rubbish excuse for a woman if you arent already an active feminist

- Madeleine Albright " there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women"

- start gender dividing at a young age, blue/pink in toystores 

- not about just now allowing girls to do boy acivities, that encourages that the male activities are better



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